Invite yourself for to dinner.

Perfectly Perilous Provisions

Human Fall Flat crashes into Overcooked with a litle Takeshi's Castle madness in a Victorian Lovecraftian setting.

  • Explore a living albeit dank victorian town, poking your grubby mits into every sordid nook and cranny to find new ingredients.
  • Take part in bizarre timed cooking challenges.
  • Master your skills and prove yourself to an esteemed culinary panel of interdimensional emissaries.
  • Complete frantic minigames to access new ingredients, hats and areas!
  • Sell your food and goods to the population, both new and old!

Alpha is out now!

Waddle your way around the PPP prototype, or should that be PPPP? Nevermind, you'll figure it out.

The table is set, so bring a friend to dinner and download the alpha version below!

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